Supporting Girls' Education

An essential part of our brand is giving back - we want to do good for the world. That's why a portion of our proceeds go directly to funding girls' education.

Sea Thru is committed to creating positive change. Every purchase of one of our pieces helps fund Cordem's mission to empower Mexican women through educational scholarships as well as psychological and emotional support. This cause is so important because...

- 70% of the population experiencing poverty in Mexico are women

- Girls are statistically more likely than boys to stop attending school

- 10% is how much, on average, a person's income (in Mexico) increases for every year of education they receive

Thank you for supporting our brand and our mission to do good and help girls get educated!

Why This Cause? Why This Charity?

Paulina, the founder of Sea Thru, is half-Mexican, and has seen first-hand the power that education has to change lives. Without scholarships (called BECAs in Mexico), her mom would not have been able receive the education and opportunities that she did.

In starting her own business, Paulina knew that she wanted to use her platform to support girls' education in Mexico. After lots of research, she found the charity Cordem and knew it was the perfect fit.

Not only does Cordem provide girls and women with scholarships (BECAs) to be able to attend school, but they also provide their scholarship recipients with the proper support to help them stay in school and finish their studies.

Additionally, Cordem's former scholarship recipients talk about how much the program positively impacted their lives. So, we can be sure that we are supporting a program that creates real, positive change.

To learn more about the charity that your purchases are helping support, check out Cordem's website here.

Paulina Dressed in Traditional Mexican Clothing

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for being here and supporting my brand and our missions. This is a childhood photo from my elementary school's world culture day. I'm so thankful to my parents who have always supported my education and taught me about my culture. ¡Viva México!

XOXO, Paulina